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About Mohr's Widow-Maker
This is the story of a very different company, one that got its start by a hunter who was frustrated by the poor quality and lack of consistency of the so called "most expensive buck lure." Sure that he could produce a supreme buck lure, something that he would be proud to put his name on, he started experimenting until he saw and smelled the results he wanted. That hunter was Steve Mohr, and today he still hand mixes every drop of lure himself.

Mohr's Widow-Maker is family owned and operated. There is nothing high-tech about us except the outstanding quality and consistency of all our products.

We don't consider ourselves to be experts (We're not sure there is such a thing) but we are serious, experienced hunters who have dedicated years to the great outdoors.

We like what we do, and it shows by the way we do our business. Each year brings greater demand for our products as word spreads that Mohr's Widow-Maker is the worlds' premier buck lure.

Always have a safe and successful day afield!

Stephen Mohr - Owner


Blue Skies,


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